Build a desktop calculator app with Axino and Electron in one minute.

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Desktop calculator app

Here is the recipe:

Step 1 Download the tools:

Tool 1: npm

Npm is required to install Axino, Typescript and Parcel:

npm is installed as explained on the npm homepage:

Be sure to download the version of npm which is compatible with your platform: Mac, Windows or Linux.

Tool 2: Typescript

Once npm is installed on your system, all the other tools can be installed via npm:

Typescript is installed by entering the following npm command in a terminal:

npm install -g typescript

Tool 3: Parcel

Parcel is installed in the same way by entering:

npm install -g parcel-bundler

Step 2 Create a directory for your app:

mkdir myapp (Linux and Mac)

or use your favorite “file manager” to create a dedicated directory.

Step 3 : initialize your app:

In the directory in question, run the command:

npm init -y
npm i Axino

in order to have a local “node_modules” directory installed by npm (which in turn will contain the Axino directory) , like this:

¦-- node_modules
¦-- axino

Step 4 : Go to the Axino examples subdirectory:

cd axino/examples-electron-calculator/

Step 5: Initialize the calculator example:

In axino/examples-electron-calculator/ run the command:

npm install


npm run build


npm run start

That’s it, you should now see your app:

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NB: This app uses the function: evaluate(), which is a quick and dirty method to evaluate an algebraic expression. This is just a hack to emulate the functioning of a calculator. Since this evaluate() function is not deemed secure, a warning is displayed on the debugging tab on the right-hand part of the app. This debugging pane can be closed. When it is closed the app looks like the one displayed in the header of this article.

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The code of the app is contained in the file:


Feel free to experiment with it!

Happy programming! :-)

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