Cet essai tente d’analyser la relation entre la nécessité de transition énergétique et écologique et les communs, à savoir :

“Dans quelle mesure cette transition peut-elle être opérée (ou non) à l’intérieur d’un cadre d’économie capitaliste de type néolibéral ?»

Selon certains, dont les domaines d’expertise vont de l’économie, l’énergie…

Mapping in Go

Git repo (examples):

Update: The I have published the generic version of this code on Github under GPL license at the address:

The generic version of this library can be used in your code with:

go get

I intend to write a tutorial, specifically for that library…

Chapter 2

Mel to the rescue.

(C) S. Hulne

“Thank you for your visit!” Said Mel, “I saw the news. I just saw my father do his stick on TV. I don’t know if it’s a publicity stunt or if he’s really in trouble. Come in; you can leave your bikes in the…

Chapter 1

Aleister’s manuscript is gone!

Image (C) S. Hulne.

If you’re wondering what I’m doing running through the snow in the dead of night, in this medieval setting, in the moonlight, chased by a horde of raging werewolves, this is how our adventure started, by a beautiful summer night (literally). My name is…

Coding a dynamic todo-list in pure Typescript (no frameworks).

Introducing the Axino Widget model, Channels and state handling.

(C) Serge Hulne.

Live demo of the app:

Why Axino Widgets?

Frameworks (such as Vue, React, Angular, Svelte, etc…) can be used to build web apps, but they require a knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, thereby imposing more requirements on the developer, mixing imperative and declarative languages, and mixing business…

Serge Hulne

Author, scientist (Physics PhD), philosophy, Sci-Fi, thrillers, humor, blues and Irish music, green energy, origins of consciousness.

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